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Service Concept

After-sales service Program

We Changanbus promise seriously:For the shipping buses,except carrying out the rule and request of 《Changan service manual》and《Changan bus service station management method》, As the “Top ten” company of National Auto Industry’s after service, we are fully capable of providing high quality and perfect after-sales service according to the follow terms:

I.Providing the convenient and quickly service to clients, by flexible method

1,Internal service station service: According to both parties cooperation intension, if the conditions allow, we can establish the internal relations with the qualified service stations which from your side, And make them have our official stations rights.

2,Agreement Service: According to the client’s buses extent of damage, the both parties can provide the agreement service by the Consultation results.

3,Emergency Service: Our company sets up the emergency department to deal with the emergencies any  time.

4,Client’s Training of Before-sale: Before deliver the buses, we provide the free charges training of driving, fuel-saving, maintenance and management and purchasing channels of spare parts. And we will also explain the bus special structure and answer your questions. For the training details please see the SCHEDULE. When deliver the bus, we will provide the biding vehicles Instruction books of main assembly and technological data.

5,Entrust Service: Based on both parties cooperation intension, some partial buses problems need be solved by clients self, which adopts the internal entrust methods.

II.Following whole process to client’s buses, to guarantee the vehicles running normally.

1、We care about our Chang Bus buses the whole life time, provide the service of after-sales, spare parts and maintenance.

2、We build the Client’s Info Profile, and call on our clients regular. Then we can learn client’s needs and coordinate and deal with the situation, remind our clients the notes about bus maintenance and safeguard client’s interest.

3、Nonscheduled and targeted to visit our clients and solve the problems and take your advices.

III.Expedite Information Feedback System:

Our company has the special service people of overseas market, then we can coordinate, lean and deal  with buses problems at any time and lean clients needs in time. Generally, we can solve the feedback info of clients in 8 hours. If it needs service on site, we can dispatch our professional service people to your place, to solve the faults and problems in time. About our service people fees need both parts bearing after coordination.

IV.Three Packs of Services Period

1、Based on the normal use situation, the bus body framework warranty period is 10 years.

2、Our company will providing the timely and quickly spare parts service and technological consultation service to clients, long terms.

3、About the vehicles which beyond the warranty period, they will also enjoy the service from Changan Bus Service Station. Changan Bus Head Quarter providing full services of technological support and the    technological guidance of our vehicles whole life time.

V.Guarantee service:

The quality problem caused by spare parts、raw material and manufacturing reason, Changan bus will provide the high quality warranty service.Provide the long warranty period to main parts for 1 year or 25,000 km which earlier.(Attached the Guarantee time & Warranty mileage),to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle.

VI.Spare parts guarantee:

Provide the high quality service during the entire life cycle of the vehicle for the customer , meet the spare parts demand during the whole life cycle. Provide the high quality、low price、no profit spare parts service.

In short,we will continue to uphold the fine quality of Changan bus,implement“higher、better、more thoughtful” service tenet of Changan bus, our servise idea is we will do our best for customers no matter who hard we are, provide the reliable service for Changan customers.

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