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user July 29,2022

Preparatory to purchasing a fleet of Golden Dragon ASTAR Mini-bus we will first conduct a pilot testing of an ASTAR Electric mini-bus with a seating capacity of not less than 14 including driver. Seating arrangement would be back to back with middle aisle. Must be with air condition with travel speed of not more than 70 km/hr and endurance travel of 280 km with aircondition on and endurance travel of 350 km with air condition off. Driving position is left hand drive. Exterior body color is sky blue and interior color is beige. All passenger seats must include safety belts. With the above requirements please email us the following information:


user July 29,2022

We are authorized agent to operators nationwide for public service passenger transportation..Plz advised your representatives in Indonesia..if not, direct contact plz..


user April 26,2021

Good day. My name is Sergey from "Universal Machinery", Ukraine. Interested in electric buses for city TEG6820BEV. Interested in the cost of buses. Who can you talk to about the purchase? Thank for the rapid answer.


user January 27,2021

Enquairy on Zhongtong Bus Model LCK6120A+DCEC L325 20 engine. We are from Angola,our main business is transport and logistics, this is our first time to buy China buses, we plan to buy 50 units, please send the price, thanks.


user December 09,2020

We quoting electric buses for our project, and we are thinking in replace 11 buses. I haven't bought in China before. Let me explain, the university of Talca wants to implement electromobility in Curicó city, south of Chile. This isn't the biggest city of the country, (149.000 habitants) and there is a lot of rurals towns. So, we are looking for electric buses of no more than 8 meters long in order to replace the current buses ( normative Euro II - Euro V). We need to compare options of buses, for this reason we need the prices and technical specifications. we need to replace 11 buses. we are University.


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