Changan VAN Kaicheng V919 Debuts at 2024 Beijing Auto Show

26 April 2024

On April 25, 2024, the highly anticipated 2024 (18th) Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, themed "Driving to Smart Mobility," kicked off with a bang. At this grand event, the global debut of Changan Kaicheng's first digital VAN, the Changan Kaicheng V919, attracting the show with its excellent performance and unique design, offering an optimal solution for the urban commercial product sector.

Leveraging Chang'an Automobile's global R&D capabilities across "six countries and ten locations," and combining industry resources, Changan Kaicheng has crafted the native new energy digital architecture - K01.

To address users' points of "not being able to fit everything," the Changan Kaicheng V919 boasts a cargo compartment exceeding 3.3 meters in a 5.5-meter body length. Thanks to its native architecture, the cargo volume has increased by 10%-15%, achieving an industry-leading storage rate of 57.4%.

Not only does it hold more, but it also loads faster! Without compromising battery safety, the Changan Kaicheng V919 features a cargo platform height of 547mm, optimizing the ground design. Furthermore, with a middle door opening of 1050mm, it meets the use of European standard pallets, facilitating both forklift and manual loading/unloading.

In the increasingly competitive market, improving logistics efficiency and profitability has become a crucial issue in the commercial vehicle sector. The introduction of the Changan Kaicheng V919 is a high-performance logistics vehicle tailored to meet this demand.

The Changan Kaicheng V919 is the first in the commercial vehicle industry to come standard with brake-by-wire technology (IBCU), improving pressure build-up speed by 50% and optimizing braking distance by 7%. Its energy recovery efficiency reaches up to 26%, which is 11% higher than its competitors. With a maximum range of 500km, it employs 2C super-fast charging technology, allowing a 30% to 80% charge in approximately 15 minutes, which is 50% faster than similar vehicles in the industry. In load-bearing scenarios, the energy consumption per ton per 100 kilometers is only 9.7kW·h, with an electricity cost of 3.5 yuan per ton per 100 kilometers. Compared to the 47 yuan fuel cost per ton per 100 kilometers for similar fuel vehicles, this translates into a savings of 20,000 yuan per year for 45,000 kilometers and 120,000 yuan over five years, resulting in lower vehicle operating costs and higher overall profitability.

The Changan Kaicheng V919 is not just a vehicle but a brand-new smart logistics ecosystem. Based on technological innovations in automotive products, it integrates ecological elements to enhance efficiency and create more value for ecological partners.

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