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Service Concept

Service System

Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: SUNLONG) has its overseas after-sale service for SUNLONG products managed by the Customer Service Division of Overseas Marketing & Sales Company (hereinafter referred to as: Customer Service Division). SUNLONG overseas service system is composed of SUNLONG Customer Service Division, Overseas Marketing & Sales Company, Authorized Service Shop and Authorized Accessories Dealer.

Customer Service Division is responsible for the service planning, management, supervision and support; Overseas Marketing & Sales Company, Authorized Service Shop and Authorized Accessories Dealer are responsible for the provision of service within the corresponding region.

Service Category:

Personalized self-service with characteristics: during delivery, provide customers training on the vehicle operation and maintenance; customers are encouraged to provide feedback on issues associated with the vehicle; in the meantime, special person will be arranged to visit customers to get feedback on the product performance during the initial operation and customers’ service demand.

Emergency service: Customer Service Division is responsible for the general coordination of customers’ vehicle emergency service; Overseas Marketing & Sales Company,and Authorized Service Shop are both capable of providing 24/7 emergency service.

Online service: the Authorized Service Shop shall be present in all regions of SUNLONG Bus; businesses of the service shop are managed and supervised by SUNLONG Customer Service Division and Overseas Marketing & Sales Company. The Authorized Service Shop is mainly responsible for providing customers technical consultation, accessories supply, vehicle maintenance, warranty and emergency service.

Service Ideas:

“To create value beyond customers’ expectation and exceed prevailing service standard”.

Parallel with provision of quality and high-performance product, SUNLONG Company attaches great importance to quality service and takes service as a kind of product extension. SUNLONG is ready to further explore and consolidate market through service and create value for customers; provide service that can better meet customers’ service demand; forge SUNLONG service brand through customers’ perceptible service.

Service Process:

Pre-sales service:

To be a good helper and advisor so that customers’ investment is worthwhile

● To select vehicle model;

● To recommend product upon customers’ special requirements;

● To train technician for customers;

Service during sales:

● Based on product model, attach great importance to product operation and maintenance training and make sure that customers can get familiar with operation procedure and performance of SUNLONG Bus product;

● Accompany customer during test drive, and provide relevant documentations

● Introduce to customers SUNLONG service system

● Conduct PDI check before delivery

After-sales service:

● Professional After-sale service engineer will be arranged to contact customers (field visit or by call) to know the vehicle state and customers’ service demand;

● For the fleet purchaser or based on sales contract, professional service engineer during the initial operation period will be arranged to provide follow up service and make customers rest assured;

● Periodically conduct field visit to find out and resolve problems in a timely manner;

● Remove vehicle faults rapidly and actively;

● Provide customers advice on vehicle maintenance techniques;

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