Golden Dragon Buses Exhibit at Singapore Car Expo 2024

15 April 2024

On April 13-14, the Singapore Exhibition Centre hosted the annual event, THE CAR EXPO, Singapore's largest automotive exhibition and an important stage for automakers to showcase their innovations and strengths. At this exhibition, which brought together global automotive brands, Golden Dragon Bus once again became the focus with its innovative products.

At this Car Expo, Golden Dragon Bus presented four brand-new products from the Light Bus series, covering passenger transport, school buses, cargo transport, and other fields, demonstrating its profound strength and innovation capabilities in the multifunctional vehicle sector. These products not only showcase Golden Dragon Bus's rapid response to market demand but also reflect the company's continuous pursuit of quality.

The Singapore market holds a pivotal position for Golden Dragon Bus. As a modern city with an efficient public transportation system, Singaporeans tend to prefer public transportation as their primary mode of travel. Meanwhile, Singapore is also one of the cities with the highest car ownership costs globally. This is primarily due to a series of tax and fee policies implemented by the government to control the number of vehicles, reduce traffic congestion, and environmental pollution. For instance, car buyers need to pay high Additional Registration Fees (ARF) and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fees, and participate in bidding for limited Certificate of Entitlement (COE), all of which significantly increase the total cost of cars. Moreover, the Singapore government restricts vehicle growth through the Vehicle Quota System (VQS), strictly controlling the annual vehicle growth rate. This means that only when old cars are scrapped can new cars be allocated, maintaining a stable total number of vehicles. All these factors make private car ownership a luxury in Singapore.

In such a market environment, Golden Dragon Bus has successfully won recognition in the Singapore market thanks to its high cost-effectiveness and excellent quality. Every product of Golden Dragon Bus is designed and produced based on Singapore's driving and vehicle usage habits. Comprehensive improvements have been made in reliability, safety performance, and ride comfort to meet the strict requirements of Singaporean customers for their vehicles. Especially for wearing parts, Golden Dragon Bus fully considers the characteristics of Singapore's tropical climate and adopts heat-resistant materials and designs to ensure the applicability and durability of the vehicles in the local area.

To further enhance the customer experience, Golden Dragon Bus has partnered with ABS BUS, a Singapore-based company, to establish the JJE AUTO CARE vehicle maintenance center, providing customers with high-quality after-sales service. Golden Dragon also sends senior after-sales engineers to be stationed locally for long periods, ensuring timely and efficient service and further enhancing customers' trust and satisfaction with the brand.

As the era of renewable energy approaches, and in response to the Singapore government's active promotion of the new energy automobile industry and the green transformation of the transportation industry, Golden Dragon Bus fully responds to market changes. All the products exhibited at this auto show are electric models, demonstrating Golden Dragon's profound understanding and active deployment of future travel modes. With the continuous growth and maturity of the new energy vehicle market, Golden Dragon Bus will continue to win the recognition and trust of more customers with its innovative products, excellent quality, and attentive service, contributing to the sustainable development of Singapore.

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