Kenway Oerlikon Injects New Energy Into China's Bus Transmission Market

06 May 2016 Set up in 2008, Kenway Automotive Drivelines (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.started cooperation with the world renowned Oerlikon, which has injected new energy into China's low-floor axle market, which was dominated by a handful of foreign brands. In 2016, Kenway Oerlikon axle systems are expected to hold 15% market share in China's low-floor city buses. How can Kenway make such an impressive achievement? Zhang Wen, Executive Director of Kenway, Patrick Tissier, president of Oerlikon China, and Xu Jiayun, Director of Oerlikon Shanghai Branch share with us their thoughts.

Boasting a worldwide fame, Oerlikon is specialized in providing transmission systems to a number of well known auto brands, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Benz, Iveco, Man, Irisbus, Kamaz, and Force. Kenway, as the exclusive strategic partner of Oerlikon in China, has been committed to providing high-quality products for China's city bus makers. Kenway and Oerlikon have accumulated rich experience in their fields. The two companies have carried out cooperation in research, development, manufacture, and integration of bus axle systems. Thanks to their complementary business and concerted efforts in exploring the axle market for low-floor city buses, they have successfully developed high-quality products for customers both at home and abroad.


Kenway Oerlikon Injects New Energy Into China's Bus Transmission Market
Zhang Wen(R), Executive Director of Kenway, Patrick Tissier(L), president of Oerlikon China

So far, Kenway Oerlikon axles have been used by a number of well-recognized bus brands, such as Yutong, Foton, King Long, Golden Dragon, and Yinlong. "Our maintenance-free wheel hub technology has been well tested abroad for over fifteen years. On the 20 units Golden Dragon buses which were put into operation on the BRT routes in Kunming, our products have been operating smoothly for over 500,000 km. Thus, every bus can help operators cut operating costs by about 20,000 RMB during the life-cycle of the vehicle," says Zhang Wen.

In March, 22 units city buses equipped with Kenway Oerlikon axles started operation in Changsha, Hunan Province; in August, 2015, Fuzhou Public Transport System also introduced the same number of buses with Kenway Oerlikon axles. In December 2015, the first batch of Kenway Oerlikon axles entered Beijing, the world's largest low-floor city bus market. They are mounted on electric double-deckers and CNG city buses.



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