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19 January 2016

About GK
Oerlikon Drive System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Oerlikon Corp. listed in Switzerland, cooperated with Kenway Automotive Drivelines (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Chinese abbr. 肯维, English abbr. Kenway) establishing GK Drive System (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (Chinese abbr. 吉客, English abbr. GK) in Feb. 2017.

GK Background
Oerlikon Corp., established in 1869, is a famous high-tech industrial group and global leading supplier specializing in machine and construction engineering. There are 170 branches and 16,000 employees working in 35 countries, and different segments are playing the market leading roles in the most areas of the world.

Oerlikon Drive System, drive system solution supplier and one of two global suppliers of low floor bus axles, focus on public transport, luxury car, agriculture, construction, specialty industrial,off-road, rail transportation and energy. Until now, more than 5700 employees are working in 11 manufacturing basements around the world.

Quality testing laboratories

Kenway is a company established in May 2008 with years’ experience in China terminal city bus market. Kenway team consists of sales, R&D, manufacturing and management with practical experience and engages in manufacturing low floor city bus axle (system). Since established, Kenway always takes international products introduction, localization promotion and high-quality service as missions, and devotes to supplying all-round axle system solution for customers and creating a new auto parts cooperation model leading by technology between Chinese and foreign companies.
Plastic cleaning equipment

In May 2013, Kenway and Oerlikon integrated advantages and engaged in R&D, manufacturing, testing and assembly of low floor bus axle in Suzhou plant. In August 2016, two sides signed a joint venture MOU about investing global bus axle R&D center and manufacturing basement in China. In December, Kenway and Oerlikon officially signed the agreement on establishing a joint venture, GK Drive System (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.

Axle assembly line

At the beginning of 2015, Kenway & Oerlikon launched low floor city bus axle systems to the market. This represented that low floor bus axles made in China officially entered into the global market and also brought fresh air to the China bus axle market. Until the end of 2016, more than 1500 buses have been installed Kenway & Oerlikon axles and the market share in mainland exceeded 20% after only two years'promotion.
Axle assembly line

GK Product
GK low floor city bus axles technology has accumulated experience for more than 35 years (since 1982) in Europe and America and served for tens thousands of buses in Europe, America and China. GK low floor city bus axle system can not only provide more choices and perfect all-life-cycle service for customers, but also effectively improve the PTC maintenance efficiency and reduce the cost and labor intensity by maintenance-free hub technology. In the current circumstance that maintenance-free hub technology was rarely mastered and applied in the CV industry, GK axle has accumulated more than 15 years’ successful application experience in bus industry.

GK Vision
Become the preferred partner of the passenger car industry axle.

GK Mission
For customers around the world to provide the most reliable system solutions;
For the staff to create a platform for the development of self-worth;
To promote the sustainable development of public transport industry.

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