?anl?urfa Enhances Fleet Experience with Allison Transmissions

02 June 2015

www.chinabuses.org: The Transportation Department in ?anl?urfa, the eighth largest city in Turkey, recently strengthened its bus fleet by adding 18 Allison-equipped TCV Karat Diesel buses. Providing inter-city bus transportation for 165,000 passengers daily, ?anl?urfa purchased 25 TCV Karat Diesel buses equipped with Allison transmissions in early 2014 and decided to continue adding to its fleet due to the excellent performance and efficiencies.


 ?anl?urfa enhances fleet experience with Allison transmissions

?anl?urfa Metropolitan Municipality offers public transportation service with a fleet of 280 registered buses, including the 18 Karat Diesel buses that have recently been delivered. Produced by domestic Turkish manufacturer TCV, ?anl?urfa now has 43 Allison-equipped vehicles in total.


?anl?urfa enhances fleet experience with Allison transmissions

“The first 25 Allison-equipped buses have been in service for about a year with each covering a distance of 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers depending on the route and we are highly satisfied with the efficiencies offered by the buses in terms of productivity and time savings,” said Transportation Department Head Hüseyin Alagöz. “In ?anl?urfa, we require public transportation solutions that both increase comfort for all passengers, including those with a disability, and address environmental concerns. We also attach great importance to well-functioning air conditioners because of the hot climate. Allison fully automatic transmissions provide the ideal solution when we take all of our expectations into consideration.”


?anl?urfa enhances fleet experience with Allison transmissions

The fully automatic TCV buses provide service on six different routes each 25-kilometers-long on average. There are about 60 stops per route round trip, with each bus making 15 to 20 trips between 5:30 a.m. and 11:15 p.m. daily.


?anl?urfa enhances fleet experience with Allison transmissions

Each bus stops about 1,000 times per day in passenger pickups alone. Such severe operation results in high maintenance and repair costs for vehicles equipped with manual transmissions, mostly caused by clutch, brake and powertrain wear. Additionally, increased maintenance and repair mean significant downtime while buses are out of regular service. Buses equipped with Allison fully automatic transmissions eliminate costly clutch replacements and significantly reduce maintenance to maximize bus uptime.

?anl?urfa enhances fleet experience with Allison transmissions

The 18 new buses, equipped with Allison T280 fully automatic transmissions with retarders, carry 97 passengers. With six forward and one reverse gear, Allison’s T280R is equipped with advanced electronic controls combining fuel efficiency with safety and comfort for both standing and seated passengers. The drivers can concentrate on the road and feel less fatigued as there is no need to constantly shift gears. 

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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