FAST Transmissions Match with Buses In Xi'an

30 January 2013 FAST company focuses on the hot spots of market demand and timely feedbacks market information, unceasingly steps up marketing efforts for DS and single countershaft series transmissions and expands the matching range of bus transmissions.


A few days ago, 240 units of 5J100Tand 5DS60TA transmissions, independently developed by FAST company , were designated only by Xi'an Public Transport Company and Xi'an Bus Holdings, Ltd. Up to now, FAST company has achieved new breakthrough in mainstream bus market around ten cities, such as, Chang Chun, Shen Yang, Xi'an, etc.

In recent years, FAST company has consolidated and expanded heavy duty truck market at home and abroad. Meantime, FAST company focused on the frontier technology and the latest demand in bus market and fully played the advantages of the enterprise's sci-tech and innovation, equipment manufacturing and brand competition. It has built a range of new transmission products of DS and 5J100T series for domestic middle bus, coach, city bus, etc.

Fast positively expands new market fields and strives to foster new economic growth points. It not only improves product range, but also extends the development of market field. Also it brings new energy into the enterprise's development of muti-fields and diversification.

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