Analysis of Engines Production&Sales in April 2009

04 June 2009

According to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, engines production in April are 1,074,017 units, up by 2.81% as against last month; engines sales are 1,147,023 units, up by 14.88% as against last month; autos production are 1,156,834 units, up by  5.61%as against last month; autos sales are 1,153,082 units, up by  3.91% as against last month

Autos production&sales in April 2009 both exceeded 1,150,000 units because of China’s stimulus policies. China has replaced America for 4 months to be the largest auto market in the world. With the rapid growth of the auto market, domestic engines market is also rapidly growing. Engines production&sales in April both exceeded 1 million units, sales exceeded 1.1 million units. If this continues, the engines market is bound to be prosperous in 2009.


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