210 Higer Buses Put Into Use In Nanjing

December 23,2014

www.chinabuses.org: On December 19, 2014, the application of pure electric vehicles in Jiangsu province Higer pure electric buses delivering ceremony was held in the pure electric charging stations of Nanjing Kunou Auto Service Co., LTD., Jiangsu government leaders attended the ceremony.

New energy popularization and application milestone

Besides the delivery of 180 units, there were 30 sets of Nanjing Sightseeing travel Agency Co., LTD, total 210 sets of pure electric buses, and these will put into use in Nanjing tourism and Group rental market. This is a new milestone in Jiangsu new energy automobile popularization and application , it has the demonstration and leading meaning for Jiangsu province even the all country.

Higer pure electric buses zero emissions, zero pollution and low cost

Higer KLQ6109TAEV pure electric bus achieved zero emissions, zero pollution,electricity costs less than one third of ordinary diesel in a hundred kilometers. Bus pre-loaded with Higer unique G-BOS new energy intelligent monitoring system, it can monitor the whole process of vehicle operation, energy consumption, realize the fault diagnosis of the vehicle, through the software system to make sure the safe operation of the vehicle. Use Higer pure electric vehicles, not only can help enterprises saving operation cost, but can also effectively promote the green development of road transport industry, practically response the national policy for energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Create the biggest quantity in single order of pure electric buses

Jiangsu province as a big province of road traffic, walk in the forefront of the national energy conservation and emissions reduction work. For new energy vehicles, the provincial government have held new energy investigation, a series of policies, according to the statistics, the number of new energy vehicles in Jiangsu province is in the second place of China, and pure electric bus is ranking first, a very good performance. Nanjing is the main city of new energy operation in Jiangsu province, by the end of 2015, Nanjing will complete the task of 7000 sets of new energy vehicles, such as bus, taxi, sanitation which use new energy automotive. This time tourism and group rental put 210 sets of pure electric buses into use, Create the biggest quantity in single order of pure electric buses, will push nanjing road transport industry and green development to a new height, to accelerate the application of new energy vehicles, and will give a positive impact to promote operation and industrial development of pure electric buses.

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