110 Units Yutong Buses Arrived in Bulgaria for Operation

September 05,2016

www.chinabuses.org: On August 31, 110 units Yutong buses with Euro VI emission standards safely arrived in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, for official operation. To welcome the new bus fleet, the city government of Sofia held a big ceremony, inviting a number of officials from both China and Bulgaria. Yordanka Fandakova, mayor of Sofia delivered a keynote speech at the ceremony, saying that she is happy to see Chinese high quality city buses working in Sofia.  

110 Units Yutong Buses Arrived in Bulgaria for Operation

110 Units Yutong Buses arrived in Sofia for operation


According to sources, it is the first time for such a large number of buses made by China to enter the European market, which is well known for its stringent emission standards. Yutong revealed that it secured a deal with Bulgaria for providing 110 units city buses with a total value of 17 million Euros on December 20th last year, marking a new milestone for Yutong’s exploration in the European market.


110 Units Yutong Buses Arrived in Bulgaria for Operation

Zhang Haizhou, China ambassador to Bulgaria (left) talks to Hu Fengju, oversea sales director of Yutong Bus (right)

So far, Yutong buses have successfully made their way to over 130 countries and regions across the globe. In Europe, over 1,000 units Yutong buses are now working smoothly. In Such countries as France and UK, Yutong has already made new breakthroughs. In 2015 alone, the bus maker’s sales volume exceeded 67,000 units. For four consecutive years, Yutong has been ranking the top place as the world’s largest bus supplier. Hu Fengju, Director of Yutong International Business reveals that the delivery only marks the first step and the company has already worked out a tailor-made service package for its customers in Bulgaria, aiming to further improve their satisfaction.


110 Units Yutong Buses Arrived in Bulgaria for Operation

Bulgarian girl in traditional clothes with Yutong bus

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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