Foton AUV Strikes a Deal with Yinchuan Public Transport for 626 Buses

10 July 2015 Foton AUV recently revealed that it successfully secured a deal with Yinchuan Public Transport Co., Ltd. for providing its customer with 626 units of well-developed CNG buses, which include 10-meter, 12-meter, 18-meter and 12-meter custom-made intercity buses. The whole new bus fleet is scheduled to arrive in Yinchuan on August, 15 this year.


Foton AUV Strikes a Deal with Yinchuan Public Transport for 626 Buses

Considering the specific geographic location and weather conditions in the city, Foton AUV has made a number of upgrading which will further help the local bus operators cut purchasing and operating costs. Moreover, these buses will not only be able to meet the needs on the urban artery bus routes, but they are highly flexible to adapt to more complex operation conditions, such as suburban and mountainous roads.

To fully meet the stringent requirements of its customer from Yinchuan, Foton AUV has taken extra special care to ensure the high quality of its products. In regard to customer’s concerns, the bus maker held weekly conference and made timely improvements. Detailed and stringent inspections were also conducted to make sure the smooth operation of Foton AUV bus fleet in the city.

In September this year, China-Arab States Expo will be held in Yinchuan. In a great effort to upgrade the city’s current urban bus fleet and welcome visitors from all over the world, Yinchuan city has been discussing with Foton AUV for the best public transport solutions. Upon the customer’s request, Foton AUV rolled out twenty vehicles in different colors. Yinchuan citizens finally chose the best design by public vote. In terms of after-sale services, Foton AUV has also organized a professional service team to provide comprehensive training and provide unparalleled one-stop services to its customer.

So far, Foton AUV has accumulated rich experience in serving a host of high-profile events, such as Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 60th Anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China in 2009, APEC in 2014. In recent years, an increasing number of countries and organizations have made Foton AUV their first choice for VIP passenger transportation.

 Adhering to its long commitment to green technology development, Foton AUV has become widely recognized among its customers. Its bus products, from design to travel comforts, from safety standards to environmentally friendliness, all give full expression of the rich and diverse culture of the bus maker. In the years to come, Foton AUV will continue to make every effort to roll out green buses and leave its own mark in the bus industry across the globe.

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