Improve China Buses Export Competitiveness, Expand Overseas Market

02 February 2015 On January 9 2015, co-hosted by and Allison Transmission, the 9th Great Influence to China Buses Industry Awarding Ceremony was held in Beijing, which attracted the experts of China bus industry, the representatives of the public transportation company, the domestic bus builders and the parts supplier company etc. to attend it. Development of China buses overseas markets Forum is an important part of the ceremony, and more than 20 overseas business manager from the bus industry and special guest from Saudi Arabia attended the discussion. For the purpose of "Improve China buses export competitiveness, expand the overseas market", the forum focused on how to improve the export technology competitiveness and export brand value, how to establish the channel advantages and share resources to ensure overseas customer service improvement and other hot issues.


Improve China Buses Export Competitiveness, Expand Overseas Market

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhang Yanting, deputy editor of host the forum. She showed work product of in 2014 through a series of data to the guests. Overseas customers sharing case proved as a professional overseas promotion platform can not only get the attention of domestic manufacturers, but also win the overseas customers’ high praise. This year, the passenger car English network specially made a "2014 China buses overseas market industry development report", all the performances of Chinese buses in the overseas market are apparent to the eye. 2014 is a special year to China buses industry, and a year of the milepost to China buses overseas market. In this year, China several bus companies have secured big overseas orders. These powerful big orders boost China buses export vigor, to win the attention and favor of Chinese bus from more and more overseas customers.

Then, Chen Jing from Allison overseas marketing director as a guest host made an analysis report of 2014 China buses overseas development. The report elaborated the current situation, problems, solutions and other aspects of China buses development, and quoted a large number of data analysis. The report revealed the current situation of China buses overseas development and got all guests favorable resonance.


Improve China Buses Export Competitiveness, Expand Overseas Market

In addition, every overseas representative from domestic buses and parts manufacturers made a report on 2014 overseas development of each company. During the meeting, a lot of problems such as how to operate overseas after sale service, “foreign comprador” and enterprise brands promotion were hotly free discussion.

Finally, Abdel, Saudi customer invited by to participate in the forum, made a simple report about the cooperation projects carried out with China buses makers. The client will have more communication and consultation with each bus enterprise in order to reach further cooperation.


Improve China Buses Export Competitiveness, Expand Overseas Market

Since 2004 first entered international market, China buses have made remarkable achievements in overseas. Hope in the next few years, China buses can slow down footsteps in the overseas development, firm and slow walk on the planned route. devotes to create a good platform for China buses makers with “Professional leads Excellence”.


Improve China Buses Export Competitiveness, Expand Overseas Market

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