Foton New Energy Bus Delivering Ceremony Held In Indonesia Jakarta

24 November 2014 On the morning of November 20, China Foton new energy series products delivering ceremony was held in Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta, the mayor of Beijing WangAnshun, general manager of Beijing Foton Automobile co., LTD. WangJinyu, Chinese embassy LiuHongyang and business agents Zhouhui, represent of the mayor in Jakarta, Jakarta traffic commissioner, Director of the Jakarta transportation, local government agencies and business representatives, about hundred people present. 


 China Foton New Energy Bus Delivering Ceremony Was Held In Indonesia Jakarta

Indonesian traffic facilities is relatively backward, and road conditions is uneven, so when choosing public transportation, technology, energy conservation and emissions reduction of bus has strict requirements. Foton uphold the concept” technology carry value, environment lead the future ", with high quality, high performance, cost-effective products and perfect service system, become the best of the construction of urban public transport system in Jakarta. As Foton and departments in charge of bus, bus operators in Jakarta Indonesia three parties signed the Jakarta cooperation agreement of new energy bus solutions, Foton to provide reasonable solution for Jakarta green bus integration, clean energy bus power environmental governance. At the same time it means that Foton will be a long-term commitment to Jakarta bus system improvement. Foton in deep cooperation with Indonesia's Jakarta municipal government, municipal traffic scientific development will not only help in Jakarta, the internationalization strategy from the "products" to "idea and model output", will be the success of Chinese independent brand bus companies overseas market development model. It is understood that the next few years, Foton will be provided to Jakarta 600 CNG buses, the first batch of 100 units will be delivered within the next two years.

More encouragingly than a signing ceremony, after MRT buses quality doubted by the local government in Jakarta last year, the Chinese buses rely on excellent quality, good price and high quality service, reconquered the Indonesian authorities, government functional departments and enterprises, in the fierce competition of the open, fair and transparent, to win the precious business opportunities, the new energy bus and heavy tractor made in China is a large scale into the island of the large market.

Reporters at the end of 1999 had made a special trip to Shandong in multiple cities interviewed "infancy" Foton, at that time Foton is the new generation of domestic farm vehicle manufacturing enterprises, agricultural vehicles can only be described as the practical use. Foton, unexpectedly in short 14 years, former crude has broken cocoon into a butterfly, become China's commercial vehicle giants striding towards the world. According to the strategy of "2020 Foton”,Foton is full implementation of the strategy of "5 + 3 + 1", namely, in India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, five countries, respectively, set up factories with annual capacity of 100000 buses, to breakthrough in North America, European Union, Japan and South Korea , the three most developed market, building global headquarters in China, the construction of global innovation center, business management and operation, to ensure the leading position in China market. According to the plan, by 2020, Foton will become fashion technology and humanities environmental protection highly integrated comprehensive international automobile enterprises, annual bus production and sales of 3 million units, sales income 330 billionRMB, into the world top 10 bus enterprises, a world-class mainstream bus company.


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