FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Gets order of 203 National IV Engines

October 08,2013

www.chinaspv.com: After competitive bidding, Wuxi Diesel Engine again gets order of 203 National IV bus engines from Tianjin Public Transit. Since the first 127 National IV bus engines appearing in the key routes of Tianjin public transport in this May, Wuxi Diesel Engine again wins the contract of the second largest National IV engine order of Tianjin Public Transit.

The reason for 11-year choice of Wuxi Diesel Engine products is the quality of green environmental protection, stable quality and excellent performance. Among Tianjin Public Transit Wuxi Diesel Engine always has a good marketing reputation and deep marketing basis. Since the first year into Tianjin market in 2002, Wuxi Diesel Engine has already achieved its inventory of over 2,000 units equipped in buses due to its fuel conservation, reliability and comfort approved by public transport customers. Technical manager of Tianjin Public Transit said, “With upgrading emission standards from National III to National IV, the advantages of Wuxi Diesel Engine get more obvious.”

In this competitive bidding Wuxi Diesel Engine again stands out and wins the contract. It is all because of the good quality and powerful technical advantages of Wuxi Diesel National IV product. It is learned that Wuxi Diesel National IV series adopts TDCI SCR and TDCI EGR POC technologies. Its ignition system ensures efficient fuel consumption and clear ignition. The advanced emission post-processing device can not only resolve the technical problem of hot EGR throttle system applied in middle or heavy commercial diesel engines, but also gets patents for utility models. In this May, the strong power and good emission performance of Wuxi Diesel National IV bus engine gets approved and praised by public transport customers in Tianjin after 127 buses equipped with Wuxi Diesel engines delivered.

Yu Leyang, director of Wuxi Diesel Engine in North China, said “Good service is the key of extending markets.” Since 1990s, Wuxi Diesel Engine built its won service stations in Tianjin Public Transit Company. The fast response and seamless service gets the reputation. What’s more, in this Mar. 26th, Wuxi Diesel Engine organized professional service team to provide the whole service of buses equipped with Wuxi Diesel engines in the company such as check, precaution, improvement and tracking service. Meanwhile, they also communicated with service staff or drivers about the maintenance and fuel conservation. In the July, Wuxi Diesel Engine set out technical team to collect the road conditions and calibrated according to various operational conditions of routes. Thus, using condition of Wuxi Diesel National IV products is in the best state satisfying customers. These 203 Wuxi Diesel engines include National IV engines and LNG natural gas engines. This is not only the first time for Tianjin Public Transit to use LNG natural gas engine but also the trust of Wuxi Diesel LNG natural gas engines. By now products used in Tianjin Public Transport of Wuxi Diesel Engine include Series CA4DL1, CA6DL1, CA6DLD, CA6SF2, and CA6DF3.

By virtue of low carbon and environmental friendly performance, Wuxi Diesel National IV series has become the focus of urban public transport customers and the major status in the markets.

Source : www.chinaspv.com

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