Foton Vehicles Reach National IV Emission Standards

09 September 2014 Along with the implementation of the National IV Emission Standards, the commercial vehicles are facing new challenges and opportunities. To grasp the great opportunity, Foton has upgraded its product line to meet the new standards. Recently, the bus maker has signed sales contract with 53 companies from such fields as logistics, medical care, electric power and food manufacturing. It is expected that it will deliver 2,848 units of buses to its customers. On Aug. 26, Foton held a grand ceremony to mark the delivery of its products with National IV Emission Standards to its customers, demonstrating its strength, competitiveness and corporate responsibility.


Foton Vehicles Reach National IV Emission Standards

As one of the largest commercial vehicle brand with the broadest product line, Foton has always been taking the lead in R&D and manufacturing of commercial vehicles. According to Zhao Jingguang, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee of the company, its Aumark reached National IV Emission Standards in 2009. Currently, all Foton branded vehicles with National IV Emission Standards are enjoying great popularity among customers in logistics and environment & sanitation departments.

So far, all Foton vehicles have reached National IV Emission Standards and some of them can be even upgraded to Nation V and VI Emission Standards. On the back of their high eco-friendliness, a total number of 452 units of Foton buses were chosen as the green transportation provider for APEC conferences held in Beijing. Winning the honorary title of Special Sponsor for 2014 APEC Conference, the company further demonstrates its strong competitiveness in the commercial vehicle industry.   


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