Higer School Buses Make a Splash at China Pre-school Educational Products Expo

August 19,2014

www.chinabuses.org: From Aug. 15 to 17, 2014 China Pre-school Education Summit-China Pre-school Education Products Expo was held in Ningbo International Exhibition Center.


As a leading player in China's bus industry, Higer has first applied a number of advanced technologies on the production of school buses. At this year's expo, the company brought three bus models on display, including its KLQ6116X and KLQ6706X school buses as well as Higer Longju KLQ6590X, which a driver with B Driving License can also drive. Many visitors from across China stopped at Higer's exhibition booth and had opportunities to experience various functions of the vehicle. Some customers later became quite interested in the vehicles, asking about their specifications and prices, etc. Some parents and kids also climbed inside the bus and took a number of pictures.

Measuring 11 meters long, Higer KLQ6116X boasts very large interior space and an aggressive appearance. It can carry 56 students at the maximum, which greatly helps its operators maximize their profit margin. As a high performance school bus model,  Higer KLQ6756X is highly flexible and is ideal for operation on various road conditions. With a length of 5.9 meters and a width of 1.99 meters, Higer Longju KLQ6590X boasts impressive agility on the road and is well welcomed by the market.

Themed with "Respecting Science and Cultivating Children With Scientific Approach", this year's expo is co-organized by China Educational Equipment Association and China Education Daily. 58 representative enterprises which are involved in producing and selling pre-school educational products took part in the expo and put over 10,000 pieces of products and related toys on display. According to some statistics, this year's event has attracted over 4,000 visitors, including experts and scholars from both home and abroad, officials from educational institutions, kindergartens as well as pre-school teachers.

Source : www.chinabuses.org


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