Foton AUV New Energy Buses are Catching on in the Market

18 June 2014 Foton AUV, which well integrates its R&D, manufacturing and marketing at the production base of China New Energy Vehicle Industry Association, is now growing with an explosive speed with its green buses enjoying increasing popularity in the market place. 

In the first quarter of 2014, Foton AUV rolled out 502 units of green vehicles. In Feb., 20 units of BJ6123 replaceable electric buses were put into operation in Tianjin. In Mar., several batches of BJ6105/6123 plug-in distance-enhancing hybrid buses finished their assembly and soon started operation in Cangzhou, Hebei.

BJ6123 Replaceable Electric Bus
BJ6123 Replaceable Electric Bus

In 2014, Foton AUV rolled out 3012 units of LNG large-sized buses for Beijing, helping the capital to put the increasingly severe air pollution under control.  

In Heilongjiang, Foton AUV BJ613 electric buses have been working smoothly since early this year. Their batteries, electric controlling systems and spare parts as well as the overall performance of the vehicles have stood the test of severe coldness.

Plug-in Distance-enhancing Hybrid Bus (Series Connection)
Plug-in Distance-enhancing Hybrid Bus (Series Connection)

Since 2009, Kunming Public Transport has been keeping records of bus energy consumption. After years of close observation, it concludes that Foton AUV buses are the most reliable and the most fuel efficient.  

On Dec. 28, 2008, Beijing Public Transport placed a one-time order of 800 units of Foton AUV buses, making a new record in new energy bus industry. In the same year, Taiwan purchased 150 units of Foton AUV hybrid buses. 

Plug-in Hybrid Buses (Paralleling)
Plug-in Hybrid Buses (Paralleling)

Also, Foton AUV buses, jointly developed by China and Russia, have been in smooth operation, standing the severe test of the climate in the region. Also, Foton AUV buses have made their way in such European nation as Spain. 

After decades of hard work, Foton AUV hybrid controlling system has upgraded to its fourth generation and its e-Air engine intelligence cooling system has rolled out its third generation. 

With its continued efforts in the new energy sector, Foton AUV believes that urban citizens will enjoy more environmental benefits brought by its green vehicles. 

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