Bulgaria Plans to Buy 600 Super-Capacitor Bus from Shanghai in Next 3 Years

April 28,2014

www.chinabuses.org: According to some insiders, the European country Bulgaria is planning to buy 600 Super-Capacitor buses from Shanghai. 

As Tesla, an electric vehicle superstar lands in China, the electric vehicles made by China are starting their operation in Europe. On Apr. 24, in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, the Super-Capacitor bus independently developed by Shanghai was recharged for the first time and successfully completed its trial operation. It is expected that the green bus will be put into official operation after May this year.

As the major developer of the electric bus model, Shanghai Aowei Technology Development Co., Ltd. Reveals that Shanghai will provide the energy-saving vehicles and recharging devices as well as training services to its Bulgarian customers. After the successful trial operation, the European country will purchase 600 Super-Capacitor buses from Shanghai in the coming three years, marking a big step forward for Chinese new energy vehicles in European market.

In the Super-Capacitor bus, all energy is stored in an Super-Capacitor. When the bus stops at bus stations loading and unloading its passengers, it will operate its pantograph and get recharged. Reaching a high level of intelligence, all technical parameters are real-time monitored by the computers. Technicians in Shanghai can easily follow the bus and help solve any potential problems.  

The deal not only marks a new milestone for Chinese electric vehicles, but it also shows the technological strengths of Chinese automakers in this field. Assisted by Shanghai Municipal Science & Technology Commission, the R&D of Super-Capacitor bus has already lasted for twelve years. Shanghai Bus Corporation also sets aside a special line for experiment. After 12 years' hard work, the green bus equipped with China developed technologies is now driving to the overseas market.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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