Foton AUV is Making a Comeback

15 April 2014 Under Foton's 2020 Strategy, Foton AUV buses are making a comeback. As the world's largest business vehicle manufacturer, Foton is planning to fully globalize its AUV buses. Aiming at upgrading itself into a hi-tech manufacturing enterprise well recognized across the world, the company is now steering itself in five new directions: from investment products to consumer products, from low-end products to high-end products, from domestic market to overseas market, and from manufacturing business to service and value chain business.

To fulfill its goal, the company first partnered with globally renowned engine manufacturer Commins. While taking full advantage of its partner's advanced manufacturing technologies and management experience, Foton is hoping to further expand its global market by making full use of Commins' worldwide sales network. Furthermore, Foton has set up close ties with Daimler AG, the world's leading business vehicle producer, striving to arm itself with first-class quality buses and coaches to meet its customers rising demands.

So far, Foton's global manufacturing framework has already taken shape since the company has set up five production bases in Russia, India, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia, whti an annual production volume of 100,000 units buses respectively. By making new breakthroughs in its market expansion into markets in North America, Europe and Japan, Foton AUV is positioning itself as the leader in the global business vehicle market.

Apart from the company's production facilities abroad, it has built up 246 overseas sales centers and 777 service stations in 100-plus countries and regions. The establishment of Foton AUV European Branch (Russia) and Indian Branch as well as the signing of the contract for KD factory project in Brazil is gradually and steadily pushing forward the company's globalization strategy.

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