20 Sunlong School Buses Delivered to Inner Mongolia

28 February 2014

 www.chinabuses.org: At the beginning of this year, students embrace their new semester with all other industries. Recently, 20 Sunlong school buses-- SLK6800 were on their way to Baotou city of Inner Mongolia consecutively to ensure security of students there. This delivery of school buses would serve as strong support for local school bus development.

Sunlong School Buses to Be Delivered in Batches

For these recent years, our domestic school bus policies and regulations are gradually established and major bus manufacturers become more and more focus on development and research of school bus. Governments throughout China are endeavoring to regulate school bus and ensure security of students for implementing School Bus Security Management Regulations. In last year, Inner Mongolia began to enhance management of school bus safe operation and punish severely all unqualified and unregistered school buses for eliminating hidden school bus threats. Various places of Inner Mongolia, such as Hohhot, Baotou and Erdos, have been almost equipped with standard school buses.

Sunlong Professional School Bus

In 2013, one company specialized in professional school service in Inner Mongolia purchased the first 9 Sunlong school buses. After pilot operation for a period, this company gave a high praise of Sunlong school bus in all aspects. Collaborated with Baotou Department of Education, this company again purchased 20 Sunlong SLK6800 school buses. This company is the first professional school bus service company in Baotou city as well as one of the earliest professional school bus service companies around China. Since established, this company made security and responsibility as its guiding concept. This cooperation is based on deep trust of each other and the same orientation.

For security of school bus on road and students in the bus, Sunlong dedicated itself to satisfying demanding of different schools in China and enhanced its research and development of school bus. Apart from covering all series of school buses from 5.7m to 11m, Sunlong also launched SLK6570 school bus which only required drivers with Driving License B. Thus, lack of school bus drivers could be resolved efficiently. Meanwhile, since equipped with high-strength steel, Sunlong school bus can ensure security of students. With years of development, Sunlong always puts security in the first place and keeps manufacturing qualified bus as its orientation.

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