Sunlong Bus Signs Wuxi Manufacturing Base Project

23 January 2014 On Jan.10th of 2014, Shanghai Sunlong Bus officially signed Wuxi Manufacturing Base Project which would be located in Huishan Economic Development Zone. Wang Quan, Lin Guozhong, leaders of Wuxi, Wu Fengfeng, secretary of Wuxi Municipal Government, and Chen Dacheng, President of Shanghai Sunlong Bus, were all present on the signing ceremony.

Wang Quan, acting mayor of Wuxi, expressed sincere congratulations over the manufacturing base successfully set up in Wuxi on behalf of municipal committee and government. He said the choice of Huishan Economic Development Zone as Sunlong manufacturing base location was a complete approval and trust of investment environment in Wuxi. This was a new start of the cooperation between Wuxi and Sunlong, which would definitely enhance manufacturing and research level of Wuxi in automobile manufacturing field and generate new motivation to economic development of Wuxi. In addition, he said by this sincere cooperation and joint endeavor, Sunlong Bus would develop rapidly and get good returns in Wuxi. He hoped that Sunlong Bus would keep expanding cooperation scale and field to build Wuxi as an important research and manufacturing base.

Sunlong Bus is the only one general bus manufacturer in Shanghai, which has already exported buses to international markets, such as the United States, Russia and Singapore. Its sales revenue in 2013 is 4 billion Yuan. Sunlong Bus recently decided to invest 230 million USD to build Sunlong bus manufacturing base in Huishan Economic Development Zone covering 300Mu in 3 to 5 years to form its annual value of production of 1.5 billion Yuan. This is another major project introduced by Huishan Economic Development Zone automotive industry followed by automotive vehicle and core parts enterprises, like SAIC Commercial Vehicle, FAW Bus, Weifu Lida and FAW Wuxi Diesel.

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