Foton AUV 18m Pure Electric Bus Into Operation in Beijing

December 26,2013 in Beijing would see the new azure buses in the Route 1 instead of decades of red and yellow buses. In 2014, 700 renewal electric buses would replace the old ones in Beijing. Manufacturer is now in the process of new upgrading of the vehicle. The end of 2013 would be the fastest time to witness 18m electric bus, the longest bus ever in Beijing, running on the Route 1.

On Sep. of 2013, 40 new pure electric buses manufactured by Foton were into operation on Route 455 and Route 496, which are all of light weight design by 1.2t weight loss compared with the first generation electric bus. However, the second bus remains its single motor bus in the length of 12m.

Technician told us, “Different from traditional diesel vehicle, pure electric bus would get upgraded its power system including battery and motor if it wants much more capacity and becomes faster. Otherwise, pure electric bus would be stuck into this obstacle of capacity, not to mention to completely replace articulated pure electric bus.” Thus, Foton developed this 18m articulated pure electric bus, which is much larger than the original bus running on Route 1 in body length and capacity. What’s more, charging station in Sihui which was into operation in September is located in the east terminal of Route 1—Sihui Transfer Station. The first appearance of this giant pure electric bus has been basically chosen Route 1.

According to technician of Foton, the new pure electric bus produced by the company right now decreases its charging time to about 2 hours from 3 hours of the first generation bus. The drive range once the bus gets charged increases to 120km. As for the most concerning capacity and speed, pure electric bus is the same excellent as LNG bus in such technical points. And pure electric bus usually is better in start-up.

In the next year, Beijing Public Transit plans to increase 700 electric buses and 1,950 natural gas buses. All these new buses need new charging stations to satisfy their charging demanding. Hence, bus charging stations await construction. In accordance with the plan, another 170 buses would be into operation in Beijing at the end of 2013, charging requirements of which can be satisfied in the present charging stations with other electric bus on the route.

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