Zhongtong Wins the Bidding of 219 Natural Gas Buses

December 06,2013

 www.chinabuses.org: Even already in December, Zhongtong bus plant is occupied with consecutive orders. Recently, Zhongtong again won the bidding of 219 natural gas buses on Jinan Public Transit Bidding, which was worth 144.8 million Yuan.

In order to accelerate eliminating high-pollution vehicle and improve air quality, Jinan Public Transit decided to eliminate all 769 unqualified buses at the end of 2013 and would use clean-energy buses of energy conservation and environmental protection. Thus, Jinan Public Transit held the public bidding. Zhongtong became the enterprise with the largest bidding amount out of 14 manufacturers. Due to its solid experience in natural gas bus field, Zhongtong won this order after a competitive bidding process. Jinan Public Transit decided to choose Zhongtong, which was a powerful bus manufacturer due to its trust of Zhongtong products. This order also strengthened the long-term cooperation of Zhongtong Bus and Jinan Public Transit.

In this bidding, Zhongtong would provide two kinds of natural gas buses, 160 units of LCK6140HGN and 59 units of LCK6950HGN. LCK6140HGN enters Jinan market for the first time. So far, Zhongtong has already covered Jinan market with all its buses from 8-14m bus to 18m BRT. Zhongtong won this bidding not only because of the trust in the process of previous cooperation but also due to unique technical advantages of Zhongtong Bus in natural gas bus field.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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