Leaders of Chengde Municipal Committee and Government Investigate Foton AUV Bus

14 November 2013

 www.chinabuses.org: In Oct. 16th of 2013, more than ten leaders of Chengde city, including Zheng Xuebi, municipal committee secretary, and Zhao Fenglou, deputy municipal committee secretary and mayor of Chengde, investigated Foton AUV Bus. On the forum, Jin Yu, party secretary and GM of Foton Automotive was present.

Zheng Xuebi visited Foton AUV assembly plant in Beijing factory and listened to the statement of Foton AUV bus development ad strategic plan. During the investigation, Zheng Xuebi asked about the capacity and manufacturing technology process of AUV bus and got to know the security and power performance of LNG bus on the production line. What’s more, he even took a trial sitting inside LNG bus.

Fan Xianjun, deputy president of Foton and deputy GM of AUV Bus, was accompanying during the investigation. In the following forum, Wang Jinyu, GM of AUV bus, stated the development, trend and upgrading of automotive industry and R&D process of Foton to the leaders. In addition, China special vehicle, especially the development prospect of special vehicle for particular purposes, was reported as a topic. In the end, he also communicated with guests and leaders about engine and special vehicle.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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