Sunlong Walks into Anhui with Excellent Quality

30 October 2013 Integrated development of urban-rural passenger transport in Anhui has been moving forward. As relevant data shows, passing rate of administrative shuttle bus is 98.65%. Demanding for 6-7m bus with engine in the front keeps its good development condition in urban-rural passenger transport market. For satisfying demanding of market, Sunlong Bus started its urban-rural bus promotional tour in bus stations and passenger transport companies of several places of Anhui, such as Anqing, Liuan, Bozhou and Fuyang.

Sunlong walks into Anhui with excellent quality

Sunlong Bus with JAC chassis took its two exquisite urban-rural buses, SLK6600 and SLK6720, to have an experience contact with local customers. By trial driving and sitting and professional technical introduction activities, customers understood more about excellent performance and high cost-performance of Sunlong buses. Customers approved of optimized energy conservation, environmental protection, and endurable and reliable design concept of Sunlong bus. Meanwhile, they showed their praise of good adaptability to road, appearance design, interior layout and detailed technology. Customers, such as Anqing Qianshan Ping’an Passenger Transport Company and Tianzhushan Travel Passenger Transport Company, said that they would take Sunlong bus into serious account in the following purchasing plan.

Customers visit Sunlong bus

During the tour, exhibited buses attracted lots of customers for further inquiry when appearing various passenger transport stations. They were satisfied with fuel economical performance, convenient manipulation, safe design and low maintenance cost. All of these just said the sustainable implementation of Near, Knowing and Satisfying Customers concept by Sunlong Bus in development & design.

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