Sunlong Bus Enters Shandong Province

25 October 2013 Urban-rural passenger transport vehicle promotional exhibition tour supported by Sunlong Bus and JAC chassis recently enters Shandong province. Over 20 passenger transport stations in Taian, Dezhou, Zibo, Weifang and Rizhao are covered. In front of local bus customers, 6-7.2m exquisite new Sunlong bus with front engine is exhibited.

All series of Sunlong urban-rural passenger transport bus

As urban-rural integration process and public transportation prioritized policy are promoted deeper, enhancing urban-rural communication and accelerating urban-rural integration become the new trend of coordinative development of urban-rural passenger transport and public transport for all governments. Sunlong bus tour gets praised by plentiful customers of Shandong. Drivers visiting exhibited bus all give their approval of Sunlong bus, “Sunlong bus is of good technology. The seating, standing and luggage space is huge, which truly reflects demand of urban-rural”. Meanwhile, National IV environmentally energy conservation engine in the operation of urban-rural passenger transport exhibition tour is of low fuel consumption and environmental friendly, which is a perfect combination of operational and social benefits.

Sunlong bus together with JAC hold urban-rural passenger travel security exhibition tour

In Rizhao passenger transport station of Shandong, local dealers and leaders of station visited exhibited bus. In the process of testing driving of local drivers of station, drivers tested operation and stability giving a praise of good body coordination, small noise of engine and high security stability. JAC chassis equipped in Sunlong urban-rural bus gets widely praised and approved. According to drivers' good words of Sunlong bus in Rizhao regions, Sunlong is of high popiularity and can be seen anywhere in Rizhao passenger transport stations.

Leaders of local passenger transport station visit Sunlong urban-rural bus

This exhibition tour makes urban-rural bus customers know more about Sunlong bus bringing lots of feedback information back. Sunlong would continue its endeavor to achieve operational pursuit of customers by excellent quality vehicle.

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