Zhongtong Natural Gas Buses Popular in Shaanxi Province

30 August 2013

www.chinabuses.org: Zhongtong Bus secured 30 city buses from Yanan and this is the another chance for Zhongtong Bus to cooperate with Yanan Public Transport Company. The 30 Zhongtong natural gas buses will serve the city since Sept this year. 

The two parts started to cooperate since 1998, and they bought 7 Zhongtong city buses that year and the buses were running for 12 years till 2010. And Zhongtong Bus impressed the Company and they started to purchase Zhongtong buses again since 2010. 

In 2010, the company bought 80 Zhongtong 10 meter natural gas city buses, and the order became 10 units in 2011, 30 units in 2012 and the recent 30 units in 2013. 

Based on leading technology, Zhongtong natural gas city buses have been sold to Hainan, Weifang, Sichuan, Xinjiang etc. provinces and Southeats Asia, Middle East and South America, and their market shares are 20% in China. 

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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