Sunlong SLK6570CZXC School Bus Spotlights Market

28 August 2013 Besides 6-10m school buses, Sunlong extends its product line to smaller ones. Sunlong SLK6570CZXC school bus has impressed the industry since its debut in 2013 Nanjing Bus Expo.



5.7m Sunlong SLK6570CZXC school bus, resembling 8m SLK6800, follows the Sunlong long-nose style, only more plump and elegant in the front wall. Rear-view mirrors, front and back warning lights, side arm and rear emergency exit make the school bus seem adroit as well as robust.

Sunlong SLK6570CZXC is equipped with the swing-out door and heights of the three steps are 35cm, 19cm and 19cm. In the less-than-20-seat bus, the attendant sits by the door.Inside the spacious compartment lie rows of integrated double seats. The space between the seats is wide enough for the comfort of the students.



Safety is the most important aspect for the school bus. Besides abundant lights, non-blind zone rear-view mirrors, reflective stickers around the body, softened seats and armrests and interior cameras, Sunlong SLK6570CZXC is produced based on closed-loop structure. Fireproof and environment-friendly interior trimming and plastic flooring guarantee the health of the students; air purifier, tire pressure waning system, anti-collision system and LDWS are optional.

Except for the meticulous designs, there is some room for improvement, for example the steel handrail at the entrance is not covered by some soft materials; magazine rack is missing in the compartment, etc.



As a special school bus, Sunlong SLK6570CZXC excels in handling design and bus management. The driving zone is spacious and the control buttons are accessible for the driver. Sunlong intelligent management system is used for the whole-process monitoring of the driver, in case of overloading, over-speeding and fatigue driving, etc.

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