Foton AUV Buses Made in Guangdong Export to Oman

26 August 2013 Recently eight Foton AUV buses made in Guangdong were exported to Oman and this is the first for Foton AUV buses made in Guangdong Nanhai to export. 

The two parts sealed the order for eight BJ6129 high end buses in April this year. And this is the first order for Foton AUV Nanhai plant to produce buses for overseas customer. Foton Bus invited experts from Nanhai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to guide the manufacturing works. 

The buses were designed and produced according to local climate and requirement from the customers, and the buses were finished in early June and passed export inspection. 

The smooth delivery of the buses produced in Nanhai plant marks the production and quality control of the plant is improving. Foton AUV has secured more than 500 buses order for overseas markets in the first half year, and 160 buses for Taiwan and 87 buses for Myanmar will be produced in Nanhai plant. 

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