JAC Chassis, the First Choice of Xiangtan Bus Company

27 April 2013

www.chinabuses.org : Economy grows in China at a fast speed, so does privately-owned cars, along with it, urban traffic is getting worse and worse. It is of great importance to come up with a solution to the ever-worsening traffic. As early as 2004, a number of policies have been revealed in favor of the development of public transportation.

Local governments, following the trend, cast more attention to public transportation. Xiangtan public transportation company of Hunan, in possession of 500 buses, also takes relevant measures and has formed its own characteristics.


Choosing the suitable bus model is a tricky task, which requires a clear understanding of every decisive factors. Zhang Shenghuai, head of maintenance of the company, said: “Xiangtan is not a big city, whereas the government paid a lot of attention to public transportation. The front engine buses has three steps, which is not convenient to take. The rear engine buses, on the other hand, is much more convenent.” So, the city prefers rear engine buses, which make much less noises and is much more comfortable for passengers to take. Besides, chassis is another important factor when choosing a bus. JAC chassis has always been known for reliable quality and advanced technologis in the industry.

And, the city is in favor of natural gas buses, namely the CNG/LNG buses, in which field JAC chassis also outstands. According to the plan made by the provincial government, by the end of the 12th five year plan period, about half the buses will be natural gas buses. And JAC is the primary choice of them.

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