Hengtong Wins Tender of 236 Buses in Xi’ning

April 11,2013

www.chinabuses.org : Hengtong won the tender of 236 units of buses from Xi’Ning public transportation company in the recent bidding and procurement conference involving the 11-meter long CKZ6116NA4. As it’s learned, the first batch of 50 units will be delivered in late April, with the remained be put into service by May.

Over the years, Hengtong has been offering solutions for Xi’Ning in building a more efficient public transportation system, by providing numerous buses including the new man series, scenario line series, new sunny series, etc. The reliability and quality have been well recognized by Xi’Ning public transportation company.


110 units of Hengtong new man made it into the procurement list of Xi’Ning in 2010; 219 units of Hengtong CKZ6116NA4 also made it into the list in 2012. Hengtong is gaining more and more market shares year by year. The CKZ6116NA4 was highly praised by Xi’Ning public transportation company for it is a classic mature model that is comfortable to take, while meeting demands of China IV, and is also environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

The Hengtong CKZ6116NA4, who has its engine front mounted, is clean, environmental-friendly and safe, thus, especially suits the road and terrain conditions of Xi’Ning. This model also performs well in other northwestern cities, and successfully won tenders in Lanzhou and Yinchuan for 249 units. In 2009 and 2012 respectively, the bus also joined Xi’An bus system in large numbers.


Established itself more than 70 years ago in the bus industry, Hengtong Bus sticks to the philosophy of manufacturing quality products. Zheng Xianguo, general manager of Hengtong Bus, introduced that a new plan to foster quality manufacturing has been carried out in 2012. In the year of 2013, the plan is in further implementation. They aim to develop more natural gas buses to be used nationwide, and help promoting the public transportation.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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