Ankai Pure-electric Double Decker Bus Spotlights CHTF

November 22,2012 From November 16th to November 21st, the 14th China Hi-tech Fair was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. As the largest and most influential high-tech exhibition, the CHTF was themed by "Promote Scientific and Technological Innovation, Upgrade the Development Quality".



As the first pure-electric double-decker bus in domestic market, Ankai HFF6110GS03EV attracted the attention of the attendees in the CHTF and Ankai also exhibited its self-made motor and electronic control, etc.



3.78m-tall Ankai double-decker bus, in the principle of aerodynamics, is streamlined and the beautiful design reduces drag coefficient and optimize interior space. Lithium iron phosphate batteries bring zero-emission and zero-pollution. The bus may reach max speed of 80Km/h and max capacity of 87 passengers. Tri-axle drive structure and eight absorbing airbags help stabilize the bus during the operation. 



Besides complete vehicle control system, Ankai also unveiled its motor control system and intelligent torque output is the advantage of the system. The development of new-energy buses is the orientation of the industry and Ankai will continue its innovation and development to lead China's new-energy bus industry.

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