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November 07,2012

www.chinabuses.org: During recent days, Yantai 17 line bus is rather popular, and it always takes much longer time to wait for the bus to come, as the first Yaxing double-decker tourism city bus in the costal city, 17 line city bus attracts many attentions and quite a few citizens want ot try the Yaxing double-decker. 

Our journalist felt the city bus by visiting the Yaxing double-decker. The LED bus stop reminder is rather striking, Yaxing logo is just in front of the bus and fashionable light sets, mellow and full edges of bus are rather beautiful. 

As new Yaxing double-decker, the sinking step-in floor is pretty convenient for the elders, and it can also speeden the passenger entrance of the bus. Semi-closed driving area keeps the driver from distraction even when crowded inner space and to ensure safety of the driving. 

Ther are quite a few restrictions for double-deckers and it is really a challenge for the designing of the bus, such as overhead viaduct height permitted, rational layout of air conditioner,  stairs and seats in the limited inner space. 
100 Yaxing double-decker started to serve Beijing Olympic from July 2008 to April 2011, and 20 Yaxing double-decker tourism buses serve Qingdao. 23 Yaxing double-decker serve Changchun since August 2011, and 20 Yaxing double-decker serve Yantai 17 bus line this year. So is running in Beijing, Qingdao, Shenyang, Dalian and Xi'an. "Among 800 double-decker city buses running in Beijing, 100 Yaxing buses are performing rather well, and their human-oriented design derserve popularization."

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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