Fujian Changle Purchases Six Shangrao School Buses

March 22,2013

www.chinabuses.org: In the middle of March 2013, Fujian Changle Municipal Government invested CNY 1.59 million to purchase six Shangrao SR6756DX school buses for the primary schools in Hunan Town, Wenling Town and Tantou Town, etc., which gained supports and applauses from the citizens.



Sales Manager of Shangrao Bus Company Zhou Ming told the reporter: "Shangrao school bus, in the accordance with new national standards, is equipped with Benz cage-shaped body frame, five closed-loop structure and solid chassis, preventing the deformation of the body and crush of the glass at the time of rollover; collision warning system developed by Shangrao and Chinese Academy of Sciences makes the buses much safer."

Since the launching of the first school bus in 2005, Shangrao Bus Company has been working on the safe and affordable school buses for China.



In January-February 2013, only seven bus manufacturers sold over 200 school buses and Shangrao was one of them.

It's said these six Shangrao school buses will be used after the end of the procedures and the students will be safeguarded by the safe and comfortable school buses.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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