Beijing: LNG Double Decker Buses with Air Conditioners to Run

November 05,2012 After Beijing replaced the LNG articulated buses in No.1 Bus lines after National Days, on this Sunday, 60 units of LNG double deck buses will to serve the public. The environmental protection double deck buses have the good performance in nearly zero release of tail gas. Besides, 13 more seats have been added in one bus, which means one bus can hold 56 more passengers.

The double deck buses that used to drive in Beijing City are not equipped with air conditions. This time, the LNG double deck buses will also be equipped with the air conditions.

It is learned that the second floor's height of the new double deck buses are 1.72 meters, which increase by 0.4 meters compared to the ordinary one with the 1.68 meters.Besides, there are two emergency hammers in the rear of the first deck and four emergency hammers in the rear of the second deck. The driver's seat has also been improved to be more adjustable for the drivers.


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