Zhongtong Bus Obtains the Indonesian Biggest BRT Bus Order

October 22,2012

www.chinabuses.org: Recently, a good news released by Zhongtong Bus' overseas department, that is, Zhongtong Bus obtained the order of 66 units of 18 meters long BRT buses from the bidding of the Indonesia. The bidding is the one with the biggest amount of the BRT buses in the Indonesia.

The bidding in Indonesia attracted many bus builders to come for it. Rely on the good technology on the natural gas buses and BRT buses, Zhongtong Bus finally won the bidding. And now the BRT buses are now in the mass production, and some of them are now out of the production line. 


18 meters long Zhongtong BRT buses

Zhongtong started to cooperate with the customer from Indonesia in 2009. This time, the customer again chose Zhongtong Bus as its partner to serve the local bus market. And Zhongtong Bus also organized the staff to pre-made a samples bus to show the customers before the mass production to let the customers' satisfactory.

Besides, in order to make the 66 units of the BRT buses could successfully put into operation in the local area, Zhongtong Bus also organized the detailed training plan before the delivery. Zhongtong will invite the drivers and the related staff from the Indonesia to come for the electrical equipment in the vehicle and the natural gas etc training. This is a rather good news for the Indonesia customers as it is the first time that they will have the related knowledge free training for the new buses. 

Zhongtong Bus are in the leading place both in BRT bus market and the natural gas bus market. Not only in the domestic market or the overseas market, Zhongtong BRT buses and natural gas buses are now getting more and more popular. 

Source : www.chinabuses.org

Editor : Lily


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