Ankai Double Decker City Buses Used in Fast-line One of Hefei

January 05,2012 December 30th, 2011, 20 new Ankai double-decker buses were lining up at the terminal station of Fast-line 1 in Binhu Century City of Hefei where the ceremony was held. Director of Hefei Transportation Bureau WANG, Xiantai; Deputy Director LU, Jingze; Chief Economist of SASAC of Hefei ZHANG, Yi; President of Ankai Vehicle Company WANG, Jiangan; Deputy General Manager CHENG, Xiaoping; Leaders of Hefei Public Transportation Group PENG, Lihuang and ZHANG, Ping and some drivers attended the ceremony.



These double-decker buses were all equipped with APTS, some with air-conditioners. They were equipped with State III engines, power steering devices, automatic gearboxes, CAN, air suspensions and imported airbag. Low chassis and 65 soft cushions were comfortable for passengers.


Ankai Double-decker City Bus

With all these intelligent and humanity equipments, Ankai double-decker buses used in Fast-line 1 will upgrade the image of Hefei, making the city more beautiful and attractive.


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