Higer Bus Opens Luxury Bus Market with International Brand

August 15,2011

www.chinabuses.org: From 5th to 7th August 2011, Higer Bus attended the “TOP AMBIENTE” in Guangzhou with SCANIA•HIGER luxury buses.Yan Dexi, assistant to general manger of sales company of Higer Bus showed in the interview that Higer Bus will speed up the opening of top commodity market in China with the international brand.

Creating New International Cooperation Mode in Bus Industry

Currently, Higer Bus ranks No.2 in China large and medium bus market, having cooperated with SCANIA since 2006, further improving brand of Higer Bus. By far, Higer Bus jointly promotes SCANIA•HIGER with SCANIA, as one of the global plant of the latter.

Different from the usual joint venture, Higer Bus refers to the manufacturing of the products in batches and the development of bus body and SCANIA offers chassis and engines. SCANIA•HIGER buses are made in China, and then export to the overseas regions such as Middle East and Europe. At present, Higer Bus is capable of the production of 500 to 600 units of such luxury buses, worthy 4 to 5 million Yuan for each unit (up to 12 million Yuan), 90% of which export to overseas markets.

Higher Market Concentration in China Bus Industry

Yan Dexi explains that Higer Bus expect the development in the luxury bus market in the future, possibly catching the opportunity for its leading production capability superior than other China bus builders and competitive price of products (about 80% lower than the imported ones).

After the milestone of annual output of 20000 units in 2010, Higer Bus will enlarge the production and new production line under construction will help the bus builder to increase the output of 10000 units, which will start to work in the last half of 2012, according to the prediction.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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