Export of China Buses Flourish This Year

10 August 2011

www.chinabuses.org: According to the analysis on statistical data from 100 bus manufacturers by CAAM, in the first half of this year, total sales of China buses were 23.7 thousand units, year-on-year rises of 9.58%, with production and sale rate of 104.79%. Export of China buses flourished this year and in the first quarter large buses (over 30 seats) were exported 2150 units, year-on-year rises of 0.33%, with export amounts rising of 4.06%.

In international market, China self-owned brand of large and medium buses began to increase in great proportion from 2004, making China the manufacturing base of world buses. Deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Yutong Buses Co., Ltd. WANG, Wenbing told the reporter that over 95% of Cuba’s buses were purchased from Yutong since 2004 and there were over 10 thousand Yutong buses in Cuba.

The change of export places was a big difference for China buses export. A few years ago, China buses were exported to the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Syria, however, this year China buses were exported to Brazil, Thailand, Mexico and some countries in southern and central Africa. Zhongtong bus, which accounted for 5%-6% shares in China market, took 10% shares in overseas market.

Furthermore, oriented R & D became the new trend of China buses export this year. A few years ago, ready-made buses were modified and exported to international market. However, some bus manufacturers began to develop new models for overseas export this year.

Industry insider said that the export of China buses flourished due to lower labor cost and raw material cost, more importantly, steadily improved technologies and increasing demands for high-end and mid-end products in international market. Perfect industry chain and large-scale manufacturing capacity brought shorter delivery term than other competitors. Customized products were more satisfactory. At present, a lot of enterprises in China are able to complete orders of any scale and type independently.

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