Ankai Bus: Body Assembly Approach of Double Decker Buses Gets National Inventive Patent

March 10,2011 18 August 2009, Ankai Bus applied the inventive patent of body assembly approach of double-deck buses and the patent was authorized by State Intellectual Property Office on 9 February 2011 (patent No.:ZL200910144584.9).

Ankai assembly approach of double-deck buses is a new method that effectively enhances steadiness and safety of vehicles during driving: stamping side panels and underframe to reduce the joint welding spots and the amplitude of swing; the second-floor of framework is hoisted to the fixed position of the interior of complete bus body after stamping to further increase steadiness of the upper carriage. At present, Ankai Bus has broadly applied the patent in the manufacturing of double-deck buses in order to increase product quality and provide more comfortable as well as safer buses.

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