Hot Sales of Foton AUV Pure Electric City Bus

April 13,2011 Delivery ceremony of fourteen Foton AUV pure electric city buses to Zhongshan City were held in China-Europe Business Cooperation Meeting, and the pure electric city buses are going to run in Zhongshan early April.
Foton integrated Daeyang and MLG etc. spare parts manufacturers in eight months to produce 10.5 meter pure electric city buses for medium cities.
The city buses will be assigned to bus line 002, and they can be charged by fast and slow two ways. By charging 2.5 to 3 hours at night, the bus can run for over 150 km, and it can ride for 50 km after charging for 15 min. There will be 40 pure electric city buses running across Zhongshan till 2012.
It is learned that Foton AUV is going to provide fifty pure electric city buses in Beijing in future.

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