Foton AUV 2010 Dongying Introduction Meeting Succeeds

10 June 2010 Beiqi Foton AUV Dongying Introduction Meeting was held in Dongying Lanhai Hotel, and Foton AUV took BJ6125 monocoque one and half decker and BJ6110 CNG bus with them to join the conference with Dongying Public Transport and Shengli Oil Field.


Beiqi Foton AUV Dongying Introduction Meeting
Beiqi Foton AUV Dongying Introduction Meeting


BJ6125 one and half decker is grand with strong power and safe settings. The bus adopts super low driving zone and ten more seats to improve operation efficiency. The higher passenger zone can afford more luggage space. The bus is also equipped with luxurious cabin, high definition ultrathin led TV sets, private washrooms, and water fountain to provide honourable riding experience.

Foton AUV BJ6110CNG intercity bus is a clean energy bus for areas bound of natural gases. And the driving distance amounts to 400km, and more than 40% less particles emission less than average buses. The bus is with fairly good environmentally friendly effects.

The Foton AUV bus covers 8m to 12m length buses with nine bus models.    


As a tourism spot, Dongying is deserved best Foton tourism bus models to provide perfect traveling experiences for tourist from all over the world.



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