Foton Delivered Intercity Buses to Yujie Transport in batches

10 July 2024

Recently, Foton successfully delivered 10 units BJ6906 intercity buses to Enshi Yujie Tourism Transport Co., Ltd. This is the first cooperation between Yujie Transport and Foton, marking a good start and an important milestone for both parties to work together in the field of tourist transport - to provide quality travel experience for tourists and effectively promote the vigorous development of cultural tourism industry in Hubei and central China.

The tourist routes in Enshi and its surrounding areas often involve more mountain roads. The BJ6906 is equipped with multiple active safety configurations such as ABS, ESC, tire pressure monitoring and alarm, and reminders for passengers to wear seat belts, as well as a full load-bearing body, high-strength alloy steel, safety doors, push-out windows, electromagnetic window breakers and other rich configurations, which can maximize the safety of passengers and allow them to enjoy the beauty and the joy of travel without worrying about safety.

The BJ6906 intercity bus is specially developed for short-distance travel, tour groups, scenic spots and other needs. It adopts a number of lightweight designs and has sufficient power reserve, which can easily cope with the winding mountain roads near Enshi. Through triple energy-saving technologies including power consumption reduction, vehicle body consumption reduction, and intelligent consumption reduction, the overall fuel efficiency rate exceeds 10%, reducing operating costs and helping passenger transport enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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