Peruvian President Dina Boluarte Visits Higer Bus

02 July 2024

On the afternoon of June 27, the president of the Republic of Peru, Dina Boluarte, was on her first visit to China, visiting Higer Bus and receiving a warm reception from Huang Shuping, the General Manager of Higer Bus.

President Boluarte visited the Higer Bus showroom, where she received a detailed introduction from Mr. Huang Shuping on Higer's operations in Peru.

After the showroom visit, Mr. Huang Shuping presented President Boluarte with a Higer Bus model as a gesture of friendship. President Boluarte personally wrote the message, "Visit Higer with love", as a symbol of friendship, expressing her best wishes to Higer Bus.

During the visiting tour, Mr. Huang Shuping introduced President Boluarte to Higer's latest V-series smart buses, which have been released this year for the global market. He also showcased the high-end buses that will soon be exported overseas. Among them, the double-decker sightseeing bus is a classic and best-selling model of Higer Bus, and it will be departing for Peru in the near future. President Boluarte also boarded the double-decker sightseeing bus bound for Peru to experience it firsthand.

Higer has achieved 18 years of consecutive sales in Peru since entering the market in 2006, thanks to its ongoing cultivation and innovation efforts. As of June 2024, Higer has exported more than 1,000 buses to Peru, solidifying its position as a well-known Chinese bus brand that garners significant attention in the Peruvian market. In the field of tourist transport and shuttle services, Higer's large and medium-sized buses have the highest market share among Chinese bus brands in Peru.

In May of this year, a fleet of high-end Higer buses arrived in Lima, the capital of Peru. These vehicles will provide green transportation support for the APEC Peru 2024.

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