New Developments of Golden Dragon Bus in the Vietnamese Market

14 June 2024

At the beginning of  2024, 207 Golden Dragon buses rolled off the production line, ready to be dispatched. This was the first batch of Golden Dragon buses exported to Vietnam, marking a breakthrough in the zero export of China bus brands in the Vietnamese market. However, this "first order" is merely the prelude to a magnificent chapter of rapid development in the Vietnamese market, which will be ushered in with the smooth production of Golden Dragon KD products in Vietnam. Once the Vietnamese factory is fully operational, its annual production capacity will reach 5,000 units. In the future, it will use Vietnam as a fulcrum to radiate to other ASEAN countries in the surrounding area.

Golden Dragon XML6845 buses cruising on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Years of efforts have helped Golden Dragon become a model of China buses export

To achieve carbon emission targets and promote sustainable development, the Vietnamese government has vigorously promoted the development of a green economy and furthered the construction of a green public transportation system, providing development space and market opportunities for China new energy buses. Chinese brands have also gained recognition in overseas markets through their product advantages and technological strength. Wang Zhiming, Marketing Operation Manager of Golden Dragon Bus, said, "This 'first order' did not come easily. We have been cultivating the Vietnamese market for nearly eight years."

Vietnamese customers have stringent requirements for bus chassis, vehicle weight, and air conditioning, and there are differences in road passenger transportation regulations between China and Vietnam. Therefore, China buses are rarely seen in the Vietnamese market. Golden Dragon believes that there is great potential in the Vietnamese bus market. Eight years ago, Golden Dragon began investing in this market, continuously understanding the actual needs of local users.

The export of Golden Dragon buses to Vietnam

In fact, Golden Dragon's journey along the "Belt and Road" is a microcosm of its strategic layout in the global market. From product export to brand export, Golden Dragon's "selective" overseas market development strategy has not only ensured its own success but also injected new ideas and vitality into the overseas brand strategy of China buses.

What is "selective"? Wang Zhiming explained that it means "planning before acting". Before developing each market, Golden Dragon conducts thorough market research, planning, and formulating targeted "one country, one policy". It also means "preparing for the battle" by conducting in-depth research on service guarantees, parts supply, and application conditions. Furthermore, it signifies a shift from being a "hunter" to a "cultivator". Golden Dragon believes that only by carefully sowing, cultivating, and nurturing the seeds can they grow into towering trees, reaping the rewards of overseas markets and enhancing overseas reputation.

"Our goal in the Vietnamese market this year is to fully implement the KD production line and gradually increase production capacity," said Wang Zhiming, who is confident in the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian markets. "The KD factory in Vietnam is nearing completion, and some local production work has already begun. It is expected to be fully completed by the end of July, with an annual production capacity of 5,000 units upon full operation." In the future, it will use Vietnam as a fulcrum to radiate to other ASEAN countries in the surrounding area.

Sharing technical standards and cooperating on KD projects to "go global"

As an important participant in the "Belt and Road" initiative, Chinese bus companies have gradually built a mutually beneficial and win-win automotive industry chain and supply chain cooperation system over the past decade, injecting continuous development vitality into countries and regions along the "Belt and Road".

Wang Zhiming introduced that Golden Dragon adheres to the principle of long-termism, continuously strengthens localized strategic cooperation, builds industrial chains and supply chains globally, and seeks more long-term development. In Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam along the "Belt and Road", Golden Dragon buses have gradually integrated into various fields of people's livelihood economy and become one of the Chinese bus brands with the largest market share of large and medium-sized buses.

At the same time, over the past decade, supporting facilities and market systems based on Chinese electric bus standards have gradually been established along the "Belt and Road". The advancement of Golden Dragon's KD projects has not only enhanced the competitiveness of Chinese bus products and brands but also indirectly created a large number of jobs for local areas. The development of upstream and downstream industrial chains extending from factories has created a picture of "one factory driving one city, one bus driving one chain."

From product export to localized cooperation, Golden Dragon buses actively implement a "go global" strategy and integrate into overseas markets. "New energy is irreversible, and localized cooperation is a good breakthrough point for tapping overseas markets," said Wang Zhiming. We will leverage our rich market success cases and formulate appropriate product strategies, service parts models, and management methods based on the differentiated needs of global customers, local regulations, and complex regional environmental characteristics. We will establish quality management standards for the local market in a tiered and categorized manner, dispatch expert teams composed of domestic elite engineers and skilled workers for on-site training and support, and realize the transformation and implementation of customer needs into quality standards.

In terms of localized cooperation, Golden Dragon has taken root in more than 10 countries such as Thailand, Kazakhstan, and Egypt through KD assembly methods. With efficient, professional, and comprehensive services, it has won the trust of customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other regions. Golden Dragon provides technical support, deepens local talent cultivation mechanisms, and effectively promotes the development of local automotive industries.

It is foreseeable that Golden Dragon, which continues to be customer-centric and takes root in overseas markets with quality products and high-quality services, will undoubtedly provide Vietnamese people with more convenient transportation services, support local public transportation development, and promote local employment and economic improvement through continuous product, technology, and service solutions, demonstrating the strong strength of Chinese manufacturing.

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