Golden Dragon Bus Awarded the Dual Certification for UN R155 CSMS and UN R156 SUMS

12 June 2024

Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Golden Dragon Bus") has achieved the double international certifications of UN ECE R155 Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) and UN ECE R156 Software Update Management System (SUMS). The certificates, issued by the authoritative Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, not only demonstrate that Golden Dragon has established network security and software update capabilities that meet international regulatory requirements throughout the product's lifecycle, but also lays a solid foundation for Golden Dragon's technological innovation and accelerated "going global" efforts in the field of intelligent and connected vehicles.

UN R155 and UN R156, issued by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, aim to address the risks of network security and consumer privacy that arise from the development of electric, connected, intelligent, and shared vehicles. These two regulations will be fully implemented from July 2024, and only certified models will be allowed to enter the European Union and other markets for sale. Against the backdrop of global economic integration, network security and software update management have become indispensable cornerstones for the development of the automotive industry. In 2023, China's automotive exports surpassed those of any other country, ranking first globally. The full implementation of UN R155 and UN R156 will undoubtedly pose varying degrees of challenges to domestic automotive companies.

Golden Dragon 's development, design, and production of its new generation of commercial vehicles strictly adhere to regulatory and established management system requirements, adopting the new-generation electronic and electrical architecture GEA2.0. With the support of the V-SOC network security monitoring platform, Golden Dragon has achieved real-time protection for vehicle network security. Furthermore, Golden Dragon has integrated network security technology with a series of active safety technologies, such as driver drowsiness reminder, blind spot monitoring, reversing detection, pedestrian and cyclist collision warning, intelligent speed assistance, alcohol lock, and tire pressure monitoring, providing users with comprehensive safety protection.

Golden Dragon Triumph E-Tourist bus participating in R155 and R156 certifications

Looking ahead, Golden Dragon Bus will continue to uphold the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing," striving to provide global customers with more environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and safe products and services, contributing more strength and creating greater social value for the sustainable development of the automotive industry.

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