Foton AUV BJ6116 Escorts the World Cup Preliminaries

08 June 2024

On June 6, 2024, the 36-team preliminaries for the 2026 United States-Canada-Mexico World Cup Asian Zone will kick off with a match between the Chinese national football team and Thailand at the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center. More than 20 Foton AUV BJ6116 intercity buses from Shenyang Fengtianzhu Tourism and Passenger Transport Company will escort the entire event, providing passenger transport support services for the Asian preliminaries of the World Cup.
In April 2023, Shenyang Fengtianzhu Tourism and Passenger Transport Company partnered with Foton AUV, and 30 new 48-seat AUV BJ6116 intercity buses were officially put into operation in Shenyang, comprehensively improving the quality of local and surrounding passenger transport. This escort service for the World Cup preliminaries is another example of Foton  AUV providing high-quality passenger transport services after previously escorting international sports events such as the Olympics, Paralympics, and the 19th Asian Games. With its national-level product quality, Foton  AUV brings a safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable travel experience to the teams and staff.
The BJ6116 intercity buses delivered to Shenyang Fengtianzhu by Foton  AUV were specifically tailored to address the unique geographical and climatic conditions of Northeast China, such as long and cold winters and heavy snowfall, providing a high-quality travel solution for passengers and new momentum for wonderful travel experiences.
To meet the operational needs of Shenyang Fengtianzhu, the shifting system of these delivered buses has been upgraded to a two-soft-axle pneumatic booster control on the dashboard, improving shifting stroke and portability by 40%. The power system is equipped with a high-cold version of fuel heating, which can activate the heating function based on ambient temperature to prevent fuel waxing, fully satisfying operational needs in different scenarios. Additionally, the model is equipped with an iTink smart in-vehicle management system, electronic parking brake, smart color large-screen instrument, and smart temperature control air conditioning, providing drivers with more convenient control. High power, low energy consumption, and easy control help improve the efficiency and quality of enterprise operations.
International Competition "Quality Inspection" Adding Glory to National Classic Quality
Over the years,  AUV buses have been accompanying domestic and international major events and competitions, undergoing training and tests. They have successfully assisted in many domestic and international events such as the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, the 19th Asian Games, the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the National Day celebration, the G20 Summit, and the APEC meeting. With a first-class standard of "zero roadblocks and zero mistakes", they have successfully completed many escort missions, demonstrating the responsibility and mission of China's green bus leaders.
Foton  AUV will continue to deepen its product layout in various energy forms such as pure electric, fuel cells, and hybrids, deeply implement the low-carbon concept, and apply smart technology to continuously empower more scenes of wonderful travel, helping public travel develop in a green and low-carbon manner, and providing more efficient, smarter, and greener solutions.

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