King Long Smart Bus MC Wins the German Red Dot Award

07 June 2024

June 6, 2024 — According to Chinabuses, the 2024 Red Dot Award, known as the "Oscar" of the global design industry, has been officially announced. Among a variety of top designs from around the world, King Long's MC Smart Bus stood out and won the 2024 Red Dot Design Concept Award.

The Red Dot Design Award is internationally recognized as one of the top awards in global industrial design. It has been dubbed the "Oscar" of international industrial design and is considered one of the world's three major design awards alongside Germany's "iF Award" and the American "IDEA Award".

The Red Dot Award is judged by a panel of renowned design experts from around the world, who comprehensively evaluate aspects such as creative design, user experience, product quality, and practicality. Each year, outstanding products and designs are awarded the "Red Dot Award". Prestigious brands such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen have all previously received this honor.

The emphasis on innovation by the Red Dot Design Award aligns perfectly with King Long's original intention of technological innovation in research and design.

In terms of exterior design, the MC breaks away from the traditional "box-like" bus body design. Drawing inspiration from elements of Chinese traditional culture such as calligraphy and classical dance, its multi-curved design harmonizes with the bus's sleek, continuous lines. Inspired by the graceful sleeves of classical dance and the strokes of calligraphy, the design flows elegantly, embodying both strength and grace, and reflecting Chinese culture visually.

The interior design of the MC continues the simple line modeling, extracting morphological characteristics from terraced fields and flowing water, and integrating them into the instrument panel design, revealing an Oriental charm within a confined space. Combining modern and minimalistic home design, functionality is seamlessly integrated into the aesthetics, creating a warm and understated interior atmosphere that achieves a dual balance of form and function.

King Long MC's winning of the 2024 Red Dot Design Concept Award undoubtedly marks a significant innovation in the design aesthetics of the bus industry. Through its brand-new design philosophy and technological means, it showcases King Long's fresh thinking on Chinese elements and "super mobility", representing a new aesthetic height where design and technology perfectly converge. At the same time, it allows the world to witness the new pinnacle of innovative design in China buses industry!

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