Hangzhou Bus Group Introduces 12-Meter Golden Dragon Tourist Buses

05 June 2024

On June 3, 2024, Hangzhou Bus Group welcomed a batch of new buses, further tapping into the tourism and passenger transport market and enriching the company's high-quality transport capacity. All buses are from Golden Dragon Buses, with a total of 29 units of 12-meter Triumph buses. These new buses have an impressive exterior and spacious, comfortable interior, empowered by modern technology and intelligence. They will be invested in the development and launch of new tourism routes for the integration of transportation and tourism in Hangzhou, leading tourists from all over the place through scenic spots such as West Lake in Hangzhou, experiencing the cultural charm of the thousand-year-old city.

During the recent May Day holiday, Hangzhou received a total of 10.5147 million tourists, including 7.09 million from out of town, and the total cultural tourism consumption reached 10.706 billion yuan, a record high. Popular scenic spots such as West Lake Scenic Area, Thousand Island Lake Scenic Area, and Hangzhou Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Scenic Area were crowded with visitors, showing a continued prosperous scene of holiday tourism.

Mao Weidong, General Manager of Hangzhou Bus Tourism and Transport Co., Ltd., stated at the delivery ceremony, "Hangzhou Bus Group attaches great importance to the development of the tourism and passenger transport market. The massive introduction of Golden Dragon buses this time is precisely to further meet the market demand for tourism and passenger transport vehicles under the strong recovery of cultural tourism. With the entire tourism industry chain moving towards high-end development, the addition of Golden Dragon buses will further satisfy passengers' high-quality requirements for large spaces, spacious and comfortable seats, and vehicle noise reduction and comfort, taking the wonderful experience of travel to a new level."

The 29 Golden Dragon Triumph tourist buses purchased by Hangzhou Bus Group are packed with highlights. These luxury buses were tailored by Golden Dragon Buses based on the actual tourism and passenger transport usage scenarios of Xiaoshan Public Transportation Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Bus Tourism and Transport Co., Ltd., leading domestic models in terms of safety and comfort.

From the buses's exterior, the overall design is rounded and impressive, making it a beautiful scenery on the streets of Hangzhou. Stepping inside, various ingenious designs blend the wonderful travel experience with comfort. The bright and spacious seating area, coupled with luxurious ergonomic seats in a 49+1 arrangement, can easily handle transport peaks. The cozy and soft cabin lighting system, along with onboard audio-visual entertainment, fresh air ventilation, and other comfortable configurations, complement the natural beauty outside the window of Hangzhou. Moreover, the vehicles adopt a fully loaded golden closed-loop body structure, equipped with safety features such as AEBS emergency active braking system, lane departure, and forward collision warning system, tire blowout emergency safety device, automatic lighting system, providing 360-degree protection for tourists throughout their journey.

In the future, Hangzhou Bus Group will continue to inject new vitality into Hangzhou's cultural tourism industry with high-quality tourism products, hand in hand with Golden Dragon Buses, powering a new blueprint for high-quality development of Hangzhou's culture and tourism.

Source : www.chinabuses.org

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