Foton Electric Bus Leads The Revolution of Public Transportation in Mexico City

28 May 2024

Mexico, one of the ancient cultural centers of the American continent, nurtured the world-famous ancient Indian civilization. Nowadays, it is one of the regional centers of active development of the modern economy.
As economic development and urbanization accelerate, problems such as air pollution and traffic congestion are becoming increasingly serious. 
Therefore, Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is actively developing bus rapid transit lines and advocating green and convenient public transportation.
Recently, just two weeks after their commissioning, four FOTON electric test autobuses have started working in the passenger transport network. Among them, the FOTON C12 Electric Bus has attracted the most attention.
With 33 seats and a capacity of 85 to 100 passengers during peak hours, the FOTON C12 Electric Bus can effectively release the pressure on public transportation in city centers and high-traffic areas.
Equipped with a 385 kWh CATL LFP battery system, it can travel approximately 300 km on a single charge, a feat that guarantees uninterrupted service throughout the day without the need for frequent recharging. The C12 can reach speeds of 30-45 km/h.
Moreover, the C12 applies an energy regeneration system that recovers 25% of the energy in each braking cycle, redefining the standard of sustainability in public transportation.
Up to now, 115 FOTON autobuses, including 26 articulated autobuses, have been put into service on the López Mateos route, a major traffic artery in CDMX.
FOTON serves CDMX with electrified transportation solutions, which not only upgrades the local green and convenient traffic mode, but also promotes the electric transformation of CDMX's public transportation. It also adds momentum to a greener, more sustainable future for CDMX.
Actually, it is a microcosm of FOTON's development in the field of global green transportation. Under the global trend of decarbonization, FOTON has independently developed and mastered the core technology of Three Electrics, realizing the multi-route development of new energy technologies such as pure electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, etc., and has covered the whole series of commercial vehicles, in order to accelerate the transformation of global logistics transportation industry.
Currently, FOTON's new energy products have spread to Australia, Asia-Pacific, South America and other markets. In Latin America, more than 1,400 Electric Buses have been delivered, becoming the highest market share of electric buses in Latin America.
With the development of new energy, FOTON will continue to help overseas countries upgrade their transportation equipment and drive the construction of green and sustainable transportation through advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. In addition to satisfying the growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection in cities, FOTON will bring more green traveling experience to local residents.

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